Keep your Portable, Home Standby or RV Generator in peak working condition with service by our Factory Trained and Certified Generator Technicians

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Protect your home during a power outage with a Briggs & Stratton Home Standby Generator designed and installed by AT Emmett's professional Sales and Service Team. 

We Service what we Sell!

 B&S 8kW Generator
with 10 Circuit 50Amp Transfer Switch

Model # 040445

B&S 10kW Generator
with 16 Circuit 100Amp Transfer Switch

Model # 040451


B&S 12kW Generator
with 100Amp Service Entrance Transfer Switch

Model # 040343


B&S 12kW Generator
with 150Amp Service Entrance Transfer Switch

Model # 040482

                                B&S 12kW Generator
with 200Amp Service Entrance Transfer Switch

Model # 040400